This Concert Grand is a 9’1” grand piano with full Renner action and  Roslau  strings ( Germany), that was originally purchased new in 1997 It is suitable for the largest auditorium or a living room in a large home. It could be also be perfect for a church needing a concert piano with a low budget.

Samick is the largest, oldest and best known Korean manufacturer of good quality pianos. While it doesn’t have the concert grand brand cachet of piano makers like Yamaha, Bösendorfer or Steinway, it’s a really nice quality piano for an individual or institution that doesn’t need a famous brand name and higher pricing that goes with it.




Impressive sound. Very deep and rich bass. Full Renner Action. Made in Germany. The touch is even and has good control.

 While this piano is not suitable for a world-class performance venue attracting the world’s most renowned concert pianists, it is the perfect concert grand for an institution or church that needs a big piano because of the size of their space, but simply is not in the $150K price range of most of these instruments.

 It’s a great value – a whole lot of piano for a very reasonable price!

  • Model WSG275
  • 9’1″ Concert Grand
  • Ebony Polish Finish
  • Matching Bench
  • 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Two Free In-home Tuning
  • Year Manufactured: 1997
  • All the parts on this piano are original and in excellent condition
  • Price: $20,000
  • Brand New Piano Price: CA $63,000


Grand Piano Samick 9’1”