What seems to be a simple sound to most people is a complicated organization of counting string vibrations to me. I suppose piano tuning is a nice combination of technical and artistic professions.

My name is Yonatan Torn. I have been a full time Piano Tuner and a Piano Technician since 1981. I have vast experience in tuning, rebuilding, repairs and voicing of all kinds of pianos, including complete restoration of antique instruments. I specialize in tone regulating (the process of changing the tone of piano to make it more dark, muffled, brassy or sweet), and changing the action (light and heavy key touch).

I was born and lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, St. Petersburg, Russia. This famous historical place is known for its architectural, musical, and art traditions. I was lucky to attend and get training at St. Petersburg Academy of Music. That training provided me with unique knowledge in the area of restoration of antique pianos.

After graduating from a three year course at the Academy of Music, I upgraded my professional skills by working in the oldest factory in St. Petersburg. I specialized in the restoration and rebuilding of all kinds of European musical instruments.

Yonatan Torn Piano Tuner and Piano Technician

After nine years of work in St. Petersburg and thirteen years of work in my profession in Israel, I was enchanted by incredible beauty of nature in British Colombia and I moved with my family to Vancouver.

Yonatan Torn - Member of the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians Member of the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians

Yonatan Torn - Associate Member of the Piano Technicians Guild Associate Member of the Piano Technicians Guild

Professional Work History
  • Piano Technician for "Accord" Factory for rebuilding and repairs of Musical Instrument. Full time (Tuning, repairs, rebuilding ) 1981-1990, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Piano Technician for "Melnik Pianos" The oldest piano showroom and workshop in Israel. Full time. (Tuning, repairs, rebuilding, concert tuning for Concert & Artist Department, preparation of new pianos) 1990-2003, Israel.
  • Piano Technician for "Efal Conservatory" (Tuning, repairs) 1996-2003, Israel
  • Piano Technician for "Arison School of Arts" (Tuning, repairs) 1997-2003, Israel
  • Piano Technician for "Netania Conservatory" (Tuning, repairs) 1997-2003, Israel
  • Radio station "Kol Israel" Music channel. (Tuning, repairs) 1998-2003, Israel
  • Piano Technician for "Ramat Poleg Conservatory" (Tuning, repairs) 1997-2003, Israel
  • Piano Technician for "Ort Gootman School" Music Faculty. (Tuning, repairs) 1999-2003, Israel
  • Piano Technician for Association "Culture & Time" (Preparing pianos for Concerts) 1995-2003, Israel
  • Piano Technician for "Tom Lee Music" (Tuning, repairs, preparation of new pianos) 2003-2009, Canada
Education & Training
  • Training program for rebuilders and tuners. (Diploma of St. Petersburg Academy of music, faculty of piano technician) 1978 - 1981, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Tuning apprenticeship under piano tuner and instructor in piano technology Z.Belsky 1981-1982, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Course of qualification improvement for piano repairs and pianotuners (certificate) 1984-1985, Russia.
  • Private training for regulation Steinway action under the super-vision of the leading Steinway piano technicians 1994, USA.
  • Observation and profound study of production process on Petrof piano factory 1998 Czech republic
  • Training seminar at the PianoDisc Factory and World Headquarters in Sacramento, California (certificate) 2005
  • Steinway training technical seminar (New York, USA) 2006
  • Yamaha training technical seminar (Vancouver) 2006
  • Steinway training technical seminar (New York, USA) 2007
  • Steinway training technical seminar (New York, USA) 2008
  • Solid Tuning Seminar at Seattle PAC (Seattle, USA) 2008
    • Centre Pins
    • Damper Troubleshooting
    • The Craft of Voicing
    • Assessment to Touch Design
  • Voicing Seminar at WA PTG Chapter (Seattle, USA) 2017
  • Fazioli factory production process overview (Italy) 2017
  • National CAPT/ACAP Convention (Vancouver) 2010:
    • Grand regulation (Oliver EsMonde-White)
    • Preparing the Asian Piano (Darrel Fandrich)
    • Tuning Stability (Steve Brady)
    • The Pitch Raising (Don Cote)
  • National CAPT/ACAP Convention (University of Ottawa, Faculty of Music) 2011:
    • Chasing the False Beat (Marcel Lapointe)
    • Molecular Tuning (Marcel Lapointe)
    • Grand Soundboard Replacement (Christian Bolduc)
    • Grand Regulation (Denis Brassard)
    • Hammer Selection (Serge Harel)
    • Installation of the Grand Touch Rail (Scott Jones)
    • Damper Installation and Regulation (Fret Recop)
    • Member of the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians
  • National CAPT/ACAP Convention (University of Montreal, Faculty of Music) 2013:
    • Grand regulating concepts, synchronization of grand regulating (Oliver Esmond-White)
    • Inertial Touch Factor (Marcel Lapointe)
    • Fandrich Rhodes key touch weight
    • Modern regulating bench (Chris Brown - TPR tools)
    • Voicing and Avante Grand (Benoit Turcotte and Ron Giesebrecht)
  • National CAPT/ACAP Convention (University of British Columbia, Okanagan) 2014:
    • Upright Bridge Cap Replacement (Christian Bolduc)
    • Master Tuning Class (Rick Baldassin)
    • Grand Soundboard Replacement (Christian Bolduc)
    • Efficient Key Bushing Replacement (Jim F. Anderson)