Silent System Installation

Virtually everyone enjoys the sound of a live piano, but there are times when silence is either necessary or just appreciated. A silent piano is a normal acoustic piano that is fitted with a system that makes it possible to play a piano at any time of day under headphones. With no noise, and the ability to record and listen back, link to a computer, have a metronome and explore other sounds, you have the best of both a traditional and a digital piano.

Some places that use silent systems include:


Practice on a real piano, day or night, at any level of volume without disturbing your neighbors

Recording Studio or Home Recording

Use the silent system's MIDI Out for studio and computer editing or Audio Out for direct audio recording to a home stereo

Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels

Use the silent system's Audio Out to disperse a controlled, even sound mix throughout the establishment, either through the P.A. System or amplified speakers

Music Schools and Music Departments

Make better use of space and create a quieter atompshere by silencing your pianos. Classrooms can be setup with multiple headphone tie-ins for group settings

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Genio Silent System
Silent System Installation
Silent System Installation