"I am a pianist, adjudicator and piano teacher with a large successful studio. Yonatan is completely reliable in keeping my two grand pianos in top condition. His attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship make him one of the finest technicians I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I've highly recommended him to my students and several of my colleagues who have been most pleased with his service. Always prompt, always thorough and always most happy with the result." - Catherine Bundt, Piano Teacher, Performer, Adjudicator

"For many years Yonatan Torn has been servicing 4 Grand Pianos -Steinway, Petrof, Bechstein and Kawai - in our private piano studio and always kept them in great condition. One of the top professionals in his field Yonatan can understand the most subtle nuances of piano touch and tone. Prepared by Yonatan, the piano will satisfy the most sophisticated needs of a concert pianist. I would highly recommend Yonatan to piano teachers, students and concert pianists, to all who need help in finding a good piano and to keep it in excellent playing condition." - Dr.Victor Shevtsov, Piano Teacher, Performer, Author of Piano Method Books, Adjudicator

"Yonatan annually services my 7 pianos at school. He is a very reliable technician and tuner. Yonatan is extremely highly recommended to service and tune your pianos." - Spencer Bach, Senior Music Director of Bands, Choir, and Jazz Stadies and Fine Arts Department Head, York House School

"Yonatan is tuning, voicing and otherwise maintaining our two pianos: Brand new Steinway Grand, the "Crown Collection" which is used by our pianist son Spencer (You Tube "GrandPiano42"), and a used Petrof upright, used by the Teacher for concerto accompaniment. Yonatan did a terrific job voicing the Steinway, and consistently keeps both pianos in tune and perfect operating condition. He is very reliable, knowledgeable, professional and fast. We have already recommended his services to several friends of ours to their full satisfaction, and can recommend him to anyone wishing to get the best service available." - Bob Zezulka

"Yonatan Torn's professional service begins with friendly communication, good availability, reasonable rates and punctuality. He works swiftly with expertise and brings a great amount of experience to the session. The results are simply spectacular. Our pianos never sounded better!" - Johnny Seguin, Music Teacher at King David High School, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you so very much for the excellent tune up. You certainly are a master tuner - whenever the subject of pianos come up I always brag about you, my piano tuner. I wasn't sure if the upper register - last octave or so, could be tuned, but of course you made it happen. I am inspired to at least try to practice again." - Cheryl Eckstein, Piano Instructor

"I am pianist and piano teacher and lived in British Columbia for 2 an 1/2 years. During that time Yonatan tuned my Bosendorfer grand piano. He did an excellent job. Yonatan is highly recommended for tuning pianos." - Martin Anderle, Master Pianist, Organist, Piano Instructor

"Excellent technician and rebuilder, with excellent credentials and very reasonable $." - Clemie Hoshino, Piano Instructor

"Once again thank you very much for your nice work, it doesn't cease to amaze me how well tuned my Steinway Grand Piano is after every time you come in, you have a gifted ear.
Thank you!" - Jose Vergara, West Vancouver, Steinway Grand Piano

"Great service! Tuned and regulated my piano and sounds awesome. Recommend to everyone." - Alexander Hughes

"Mr. Yonatan Torn, professional piano tuner and technician has been working in collaboration with the Association "Culture Time" for many years. The Administration of our Association, which is engaged in organization of professional piano concert, competitions and festivals, gives high assessment to his work." - Leonid Spivak, Pianist and Chairman of "Culture Time" Association

"My name is Sylwia Fabbro. I teach violin and piano. Although i have never met you, I would like to thank you for the professional services you provide. After seeing what you have done to the Harvey's piano, I felt very confident to recommend you to other students of mine. I'm glad to see and hear how happy my clients are with your work. So, once again, thank you!" - Sylwia Fabbro, Violin and Piano Teacher

"Hi Yonatan:
We just wanted to send a quick e-mail to thank you once again for your meticulous and excellent work on our Seiler salon grand. The piano (action, intonation, etc.) has had a wonderful rejuvenation, and we are very grateful. It was a pleasure meeting you, and we will certainly call you again whenever we need extensive work done.
All the best!" - The Old School House Arts Centre

"Dear Yonatan:
After you left, I sat down and really gave my piano a good go, music from my memory and not depending on seeing the music. You have done a marvelous job! The tone is so sweet. I hear such a difference. The upper register sounds like bells.. and the lower register much richer, fuller without that sharp edge. You have gone to a great deal of trouble to fix this piano after the flood, installing new hammers and parts, giving it the same attention as you would the grandest Steinway. (That is the mark of an artist.) The change in the sound makes me want to play again because of the pleasure the sound gives me.
Thank you so much!" - Marilyn Hanson, Piano Teacher

"We hereby would like to confirm that Mr. Yonatan Torn is a qualified piano technician and tuner. He has been employed in our Service & Repair Shop since July 1991. Our business is selling Sauter, Petrof, Kawai pianos and used pianos. We perform all kinds of piano repairs, tuning, regulating and voicing. Mr. Yonatan Torn is engaged in all these operations, including complete restoration of antique instruments, repairs of soundboard, pinblock and action. If you have any question or concerns about this letter, do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely yours," - P. Melnik, Melnik Pianos, Piano Showroom and Workshop in Israel

"Every time, I invite Mr. Yonatan Torn for tuning my home piano or to the concert halls before performances, I'm impressed with the high level of his professionalism.
Each piano, he touches, acquires excellent tuning, quality of voicing and mechanical improvement.
He has not only a rich knowledge of craftsmanship, but also a magic sense of instrument." - Yuri Logatchov, Concert Pianist

"Mr. Yonatan Torn has been working in our Art School since 1997 as a piano tuner and technician. It goes without saying that he is a specialist of the highest qualification. He does tuning, voicing, repairs and prepares instruments for the concerts. He services all 27 pianos and grand pianos of different kinds and in different conditions that we have in our school and always does it with the style of real artist. We appreciate very mach his individual and high professional attitude to ever piano, his punctuality, his working abilities and his wish to help wherever we need it. I can recommend Mr. Y. Torn to everybody who is interested in receiving a good an reliable service of his piano!" - Danny Donner, Head of Music Department Tel-Aviv School of Arts

"For six years (1997-2002) we have profited from the professional work of Mr. Yonatan Torn. Tuning and maintaining the conservatory's pianos isn't a simple job. They are "pounded" for many hours each day by different players. Every piano, of every make and vintage has received the best possible care from Mr. Torn. Another important point: his dependability. It has never happened that Mr. Torn has promised to come and not done so. Or promised repairs which couldn't be completed. His counsel and work are of the best quality and we recommend him highly." - Isaak Reuven, Director of Ramat Efal Conservatory, Ramat Efal, Israel

"I am a professional song-writer and performer and known Mr. Yonatan Torn for over ten years. In the course of that time he has renovated, maintained and tuned several pianos for me including Steinweg grand, Bechstein grand and Bechstein uprights. Mr. Torn has performed these duties in a responsible, professional, conscientious manner and to an excellent standard. I have always found him completely trustworthy and a pleasure to work with." - Talma Alyagon Ros, Managing Directing, Kineret-Zmora Publishing House

"I have been using the service of Yonatan Torn since 1995. He tunes my own concert grand piano, as well as pianos of my students, prepares grand pianos for the concert. I am very satisfied with his work and I consider his service to be of great value." - Nathalie Seror-Nakache, Concert Pianist, Piano Instructor, Laureate of 8 International Competitions

We just wanted to thank you again for your meticulous and excellent work on our Seiler salon grand. Once again, you have done an absolutely fantastic job of correcting all of the issues that were troubling the piano. We are very grateful to have access to such a master technician and we deeply appreciate your kindness and concern regarding this non-profit arts and music presenting organization. - Ron Hadley

"This is to confirm that Mr. Yonatan Torn has been servicing our Steinway Grand Piano since we brought it to Israel, in 1996. He has tuned regularly and in 2000 he gave it a "regulation" - taking out the mechanics to regulate them and to do repairs to the mechanics. The model of our Steinway is "O", serial # 141,566, Grand in Rosewood case, which was shipped from New York City, where it was made in 1910 to London, England. My parents, who lived in London, bought it in 1956 from Eva Amatell in Harrow near London. My father shipped it to our home in Geneva, Switzerland in 1956 when he took up a job offer that year. In 1967 the instrument underwent major repair, done by Hanna Kneifel Pianos in Geneva, Switzerland. We inherited the Steinway in 1996 and my children play it with pleasure. We held several concert on it in our home and both pianist and guest are impressed with its tone." - Dr. Michele Klein